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2020 D4YH Beneficiary


We are honored to award the proceeds of the 2020 Dance For Your Heart (D4YH) Halftime takeover to the Saint Paul’s Baptist Church – Outreach for the Homeless project. Their mission and commitment to serve people where they are at their most vulnerable time align with our passion and drive to help others be their best selves.

The Outreach for the Homeless project is a collaborative effort between D4YH and SPBC.  That is what makes it so special.  We believe that the homeless population in the city and surrounding area require access to the necessary tools to thrive and work towards sustaining themselves.  This is truly a matter of the heart.  Proceeds from the event will go toward programming that will assist with these efforts.  Thank You in advance to all who donate and participate in this year's event, you are truly making a difference in our community!

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